Sunday, April 27, 2008

My college life at NIT DURGAPUR

This topic takes me to the time I really cherished.Another trip to the past,and I am again loaded with energy and am bubbling with tons of enthusiasm to pen my sweet memories.

When i first stepped on NIT DGP ,i had no idea what my college life would be.First i acquainted myself with college and slowly as time passes I found college more interesting and exciting place. The most exciting time for me was the second semester - technical fests ,Cultural fests(Aarohan and Recs),Family fresher , farewell and what not.I was lucky to get shifted from electrical to electronics department which happened @ 2nd sem.

Majority of Nepalese students ie Out of 13 students, 11 belonged to Ece department. We had impact on every bit of decision that students used to take.We used to do lot of masti but one thing i could not digest was curriculum. More than lectures, we used to attend tests, viva ,sem exams ,seminars.How can i miss the inter hall football tournament, the neck to neck clash that happened between MTECH vs 2nd yr ECE and thank God finally we won the match.

Third year was the best time for me from academic view point.Most of the students from ECE department got placed .I got job offer from WIPRO.It was just like dream comes true.Soon bunking lectures became habit. Repeatedly we bunked 10 lectures of system programming for that we suffered lot in exam .

Final year as all say, the golden period of everyone's college life. Few lectures no labs …only fun and party .But one thing that always i used to hate was MAJI's lecture. He is simply intolerable.

During four years of time I came in touch with many professors but AKD sir is unique.He is such a hardworking and deligent fellow. How can I forget jhoops the best place to satisfy your stomach in reasonable price,SAM the daru adda, the best hangout place city centre where we used to visit frequently in search of haryali and netrapaan, Benacity , inter NIT football tournaments,ragging though i was never part of it,CR our treat centre,[email protected] NIT, tihar @ NIT,2 months in hall 5 when i was MESS secretary,the Nepal family picnic, the Nepal family freshers/farewell parties,chai time @ bihari mode, Big bazaar,troika boat racing, the musical fountains and colorful lights that turned NIT DURGAPUR an enchanting fairyland in the evenings .Besides , there was a beautiful garden where one could feel the charm of heaven on the earth . Every evening the gardens came alive in a burst of dazzling colors and illumination when twirling and dancing fountains lend an atmosphere of enchantment to the fairyland.

It was the world that poses different challenges and forced me took up responsibilities. Those four years self motivated me , made me independent and strong.I learnt a lot of lessons in my college life which i believe made me a better person.NIT DGP is a platform where i got chance to meet with people from differnet background , including academic and cultural.It helped me a lot in approaching to various thoughts, views and opinions.Moreover ,life @ NIT gave me a lot of freedom,freedom to take own decision,freedom to bunk lecture, freedom to booze.

The college life enriches values of Hard-work, honesty , Discipline and Devotion in me .The four years I spent in the college were so ecstatic .Lots of memories are still hitting me like high waves, but it is not possible to put everything in writing !! My College life was very colorful and bright ! My college and my college life shall always Rocks! Life @ NIT is indeed the best time in my life.